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Vanessa Rogers's A Little Book of Tobacco: Activities to Explore Smoking PDF

By Vanessa Rogers

ISBN-10: 1849053057

ISBN-13: 9781849053051

For plenty of teens, smoking is all over the place - humans on tv and in movies smoke, their mom and dad could smoke, and plenty of in their buddies will most likely smoke. If every body else is doing it, why won't they? This source is full of actions that tell children concerning the proof and aid them to imagine and speak about the entire concerns concerning smoking that will make confident, expert offerings. The actions contemplate how smoking can impact healthiness, dependancy, how one can focus on peer strain, smoking and the media, younger people's attitudes to smoking, and smoking and society. actions on giving up smoking, aid and motivation also are incorporated. those enjoyable yet informative actions can be nice to exploit with children elderly 11-19, in teams and on-to-one. lecturers, early life staff, drug aid staff, formative years offending groups and social staff will all locate this a useful source.

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Many chemicals are used that are found in lots of common household products too. Ask the young people to look through the cards and take out the ones with the name of something that they think does NOT contain a chemical also found in a cigarette. 47 A Little Book of tobacco Allow time for discussion and decisions to be made and then call time. Go through the list of substances asking which ones each group thought did not contain any chemicals also found in a cigarette. Explain that the only ingredient not in a cigarette is salt.

How reliable are they? Allow time for discussion and then invite each group to feed back their findings. In particular, focus on the role of the media and how it affects what young people think or believe about smoking. Does this message differ from the things that parents or teachers say, for example? Is the media powerful enough to influence a person’s decision to smoke or not? Pull out comments and record for future sessions. 57 A Little Book of tobacco Do as I Say Aim Slip this activity into any session to demonstrate how peer pressure can work within a group and open up discussions about trust.

True. 3. False. 6 billion pounds (over 4 billion dollars) of profits in 2006. 4. True. According to the NHS survey Drug Use, Smoking and Drinking Among Young People in England 2007. 5. True. According to the Kenyan Ministry of Health up to 15 per cent of under-15year-olds now smoke and approximately 45 per cent of 18- to 30-year-olds. 6. False. Malawi has the highest incidence of child labour on tobacco farms in SubSaharan Africa. 7. False. Smokers inhale over 4000 chemicals from a cigarette, out of which 400 are poisonous toxins, including carbon monoxide.

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